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CCP Games Teases Gunjack For Samsung Gear VR

Aug 04, 2015 01:46 AM EDT

Way before the iPads, the Androids, the Y2K bug, and certainly way before the term “millennials” was coined, the closest thing to 3D was a pair of lenses that had a blue filter on one side and a red filter on the other, and the closest thing to Virtual Reality was the “View-Master.” Today’s Virtual Reality tech includes the Facebook-owned Oculus VR’s Oculus Rift, Sony’s Project Morpheus, Google’s Cardboard for smartphones, the HTC Vive, and the Samsung Gear™ VR Innovator Edition.

Today, another game hits the Samsung Gear VR, Gunjack, created by CCP Games. Gunjack is an arcade shooter set in outer space, where the player shoots wave after wave of enemy spacecraft. Power ups and bonuses could also be collected by the player.

Gunjack’s setting is similar to CCP Games’ MMORPG hit, EVE Online. Both games are set in the same universe, and EVE Online’s players might find the familiarity to be another reason to play the Virtual Reality game when it rolls out.

Other top-rated games for the Samsung Gear VR include Temple Run VR, Hero Bound: First Steps, James's Legacy: The Prologue, Esper, Protocol Zero, Anshar Wars, Playhead, among others.

In general, the technology that can create a Virtual Reality experience already exists: Smartphones are used to power the Google Cardboard, and soon enough, smartphones will be made powerful enough to render a rich VR experience.

The Wall Street Journal run a piece entitled “Virtual Reality Isn’t Just About Games: Nongaming applications sneak up on an unsuspecting public,” which outlines the future use of Virtual Reality. In the piece published on August 2, Christopher Mims talks about virtual reality’s potential for use in communications. He also outlines that the experience is a whole lot more mind-blowing than experiencing a touch screen device for the first time. Since the technology is upon the smartphone and overly-wired public, this promises another platform to keep the world glued to tech.

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