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Angry Birds 2, Part 2: Gameplay Overview, App Review

Jul 30, 2015 10:16 PM EDT

As the Angry Birds make a comeback in the release of Angry Birds 2 on July 30th, Red and the gang prepare to squash more Bad Piggies in the awesome new game.

This latest iteration of the game is released 6 years after the original game came out in 2009. If 11 other games and a few other spinoffs, compilations and crossovers were not enough for you, then this is the perfect follow-up in the series.

Rovio Entertainment Ltd. requires that your device should be on Android 4.0 and up, and we advise that your device should have a minimum of a Quad Core processor and 1GB RAM.

The graphics are richer this time around. From the opening credits, to the in-game effects, every single detail has been given an extra touch. The intro alone is a full animated movie, and every single minute into the game, from the tutorials down to the actual smashing of the piggies, is a graphically rich, immersive, experience.

The game is very multi-layered, and that is an understatement. One level could have two “rooms,” and Red, The Blues, and the other characters now have special powers from the get-go. Launch Red, then tap onto the screen, and he packs an extra punch in squashing the piggies. If you ever felt like Red wasn’t enough to take down the piggies in the past, he can, now.

The game also allows you to choose between Red or another character in that particular level. If you have Red and The Blues on one level, for example, you may choose which bird to use. New characters are also added, so keep slogging through the piggies to unlock each new character.

The game was tested on a Dual Core/1GB RAM device, and there are already bad reviews of lagging and slow gameplay on Google Play. So if you are on an older Android, kill all the other apps when you play Angry Birds 2.

Other than that, the only other downside to Angry Birds 2 is that, once you play this game, even Angry Birds Rio or Angry Birds Space could no longer stack up.

Kudos to Rovio Entertainment, for rolling out a very worthy successor to Angry Birds. It was worth the 6-year wait, indeed.

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