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Microsoft Lays Out Invitation To Android Devs With Its New Standalone Android Emulator

Jul 30, 2015 02:16 AM EDT


Microsoft seems hell-bent on making sure that they are present on every platform, every device, and is making sure that developers would be encouraged to build with their technology.

Rolling out the Visual Studio Emulator for Android, the standalone emulator helps a developer check their apps before they launch and release it into the wild. The emulator is available as a standalone program, though it also integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Microsoft shares how to install and use the emulator on a blog written by John Kemnetz, “Using the Visual Studio Emulator for Android from Android Studio or Eclipse with ADT.” The blog outlines detailed instructions, as well as screenshots, so that the developer can fully maximize the use of the software.

This news from Redmond joins the parade of Microsoft moves in recent months, with the release of Windows 10 leading the pack.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is on a quest to steer the company into greater relevance with the rollout of relevant devices, acquisition of elegant and relevant apps, as well as the pushing of Microsoft apps into all platforms, with the aim of being taken up by a greater number of devices and users. Part of his strategy includes encouraging developers to build for their systems, as well as build for other platforms, using Microsoft tools.

This astute strategy by the Indian-American former president of Microsoft's Server and Tools Business division is a contrast to previous CEO Steve Ballmer’s management styles.

Looks like Nadella is taking pages off of Google’s and Apple’s strategies by encouraging involvement from the developer community. With robust support from the devs, the company will certainly secure itself as a serious tech giant from here on out.

In previous years, Unix, Linux, and Apple developer communities did not think highly of the company or the brand, as evidenced by forum discussions and general geek opinions. Under Satya Nadella’s leadership, things are certainly changing.

Satya Nadella was the SVP of Research and Development (R&D) for the Online Services Division and the VP of the Microsoft Business Division before heading the Server and Tools Business division prior to stepping up as CEO of the company. Prior to Microsoft, Satya Nadella worked with Sun Microsystems. He joined Microsoft in 1992.

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