Sep 21, 2021 | Updated: 07:19 PM EDT

Wunderlist: The Simple But Comprehensive, Elegant, To-Do List

Aug 02, 2015 03:15 AM EDT

Wunderlist is a very elegant to-do list. Its desktop version alone is already stunning, and its mobile apps are equally beautiful. It should be one of the first apps to consider if a user is scouting for a to-do list app to use.

Wunderlist by 6 Wunderkinder GmbH is very flexible. A user could create a to-do as simple as they want, or make it as layered as they choose.

Simple lists can be created through the + button found at the bottom of the Android app, or at the bottom left of the page on the web app. After a list is added, to-do’s can be set. There’s a preset of lists: Groceries, Movies to Watch, Travel, Work, Family, and Private.

The to-do items can be left as they are, or a user can add subtasks or notes. Due dates and reminders can be set, and files can be added, as well. There is also a comment function, so if the to-do item is collaborative or shared, the people involved in the task or list can discuss their thoughts on the to-do’s.

So Wunderlist is an app that’s beyond a personal to-do list, it could also be used for work and collaborations. Though the comments feature could be used by a couple discussing clarifications on which to buy: zucchini or squash? Kleenex, Charmin, or Scott? Colgate or Crest? Issues like those.

Wunderlist is very light, very fluid, and does not lag. For a user who values that in the apps they use, this is definitely a welcome feature.

The app didn’t scrimp on the aesthetics, either. Once a user signs up for Wunderlist, they are greeted with scenic views and stunning imagery. And that’s just the app’s background. Backgrounds can be changed, and it’s a very straightforward process. All of the backgrounds available to the Free user are all visually impressive, but more backgrounds are available to the Pro user.

A user may share, publish, duplicate, email, print, the whole list, or just one item. Indeed, the Wunderlist team have thought of all the possible things that a user could need and do with a Wunderlist list.

Since Wunderlist is available on all the platforms that matter, it’s easy to share and collaborate with family, friends and colleagues.

If there’s any one-to-do-app-that-does-it-all, it’s Wunderlist.

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