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Extend The Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge’s Battery And Storage Capacity With This Accessory

Jul 27, 2015 10:39 PM EDT

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge users may hate the fact that their snazzy phone has all the best flashy features the Android smartphone market has to offer, but at the cost of some of the basics they’ve come to expect from their Androids: MicroSD cards, removable batteries, and the like. Incipio has addressed these “flaws” with their offGRID™ battery cases.

The Incipio offGRID™ battery case has a 3700mAh Lithium-Polymer battery to add to your Lithium-Ion battery. For Samsung Galaxy S6, the 2550 mAh battery gets stretched to 6250 mAh, while the S6 Edge will be stretched from 2600 mAh to 6300 mAh. The Incipio offGRID™ battery case effectively doubles the battery capacity of a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.

Aside from doubling the battery capacity, the Incipio offGRID™ battery case also provides a microSD slot that can handle microSD cards with storage space up to 128GB. As Incipio’s product page states, 128GB translates to 85,000+ photos, 2,000+ hours of music, or 60+ hours of video. The microSD card isn’t included, however.

The case also supports Quick Charge™ 2.0 and Samsung Fast Charging.

Unboxing the Incipio offGRID™ battery case box, included are the following:

-A bumper for the Samung Galaxy S6 Edge.

-A bumper for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

-The offGRID™ battery case for the Samung Galaxy S6 Edge or Samung Galaxy S6.

-1 meter microUSB charge and sync cable.

-3.55mm headphone extender.

At $89.99, and with options to use the Incipio offGRID™ battery case with either flagship phone model, this battery case is a good buy. The product that has the closest resemblance to the offGRID™ battery case is mophie’s juice pack. At $99.95, the $9.96 difference already counts for a lot, as the mophie juice pack does not have a microSD card slot, and packs only 3300mAh in extra “juice.” For all these points: Price, microSD card functionality, battery capacity, Incipio offGRID™ gives more value for money at the $9.96 price difference.

Two of the major Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge flaws, solved.

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