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Out Of Milk? Get The App!

Aug 01, 2015 09:15 AM EDT

Families need to synchronize their activities and duties, and one of those crucial duties to synchronize is who gets to pick up what from the grocery. Sure, a lot of todo lists abound, and a lot of grocery-specific apps abound as well, but quite a few features stand out for Out of Milk.

Out of Milk by Capigami, Inc., is a cross-platform grocery list app. It can be accessed from a browser, an iPhone, or an Android. So if one family member is on an iPhone, another is on a Samsung Galaxy S6, and yet another doesn’t even carry a phone but is on his PC all the time, then everyone gets to be in sync, no matter what platform they are on.

Other than being a cross-platform app, the Out of Milk app also has these features:

-Three list categories: Shopping Lists, Pantry, To-Do Lists. These separate your lists from the day to day grocery and shopping lists, the items that need to be stocked up in your Pantry, and the other chores that a family member has to get to can go to the To-Do Lists.

-The capacity to share the specific list with another user. So a mom can definitely just share a list with someone else’s account, and effectively delegate the shopping list to that person. She can also delegate a list of chores or errands, via the To-Do Lists.

-The capacity to export the lists. If the user is a data hound, they can clear their lists by exporting each list, storing offline, and keeping the cloud versions of the lists limited to those lists that still need to be completed.

Lists can also be printed out, “marked as completed” and vice versa in one go, and all the completed lists can even be archive by hitting the “Remove Completed” button. Another nifty feature is that when a user has set a price for an item, that item and that price will autocomplete once the user starts typing the word. Definitely a time saver. And if coupons are your family’s thing, you could also grab those straight from Out of Milk, through the “Grocery Deals” section. Make sure you added your zip code, so that the app can show the deals for your area.

It’s feature-packed, comprehensive, and yet, simple. It’s perfect for a family who wants to remain synchronized yet fuss-free.

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