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My Tiny Pet: A Graphically Richer Alternative To Pou

Aug 01, 2015 12:30 AM EDT

If you love keeping virtual pets on your device, Pou is definitely the classic game to play with. But if Pou’s triangular-but-round shape no longer holds its visual thrills, try My Tiny Pet by CanadaDroid. The concept is the same: Raise your virtual pet to adulthood and enjoy the pet’s antics.

The Good:

My Tiny Pet has richer graphics. Pou reminds a casual gamer of the games of the 80’s and the 90’s. If you want something with a little more detail, My Tiny Pet has it.

Aside from the main game of feeding, bathing, and keeping your tiny pet entertained, you also get to play mini-games. Color Tap, Fruit Slice, Fruit Match, Memory, Paper Plane, Flying Dessert, Flow, Match Tap, and Hide And Seek are all available on the mini-games section of My Tiny Pet. When you play the mini-games, you get to earn more coins that you can spend on your pet.

The food marketplace is an interesting place. There are sections of different types of food, from vegetables, which you start with, fruit, meats, desserts, fast food, and even drinks. A spin on a wheel daily lets you win free food.

There’s also a community around the game, so you can visit and interact with other players and their pets from around the world.

The Bad:

There seems to be no premium version, so there’s no way to get rid of the ads, which pop up every so often. There are also some typographical errors, such as “Excange!” on the color lab, but those are very minimal and tolerable.

For some users on older devices, crashing and lagging are also noted. But if you’re running a 1GB RAM on a decent dual-core Snapdragon processor, you should be fine.

The Wrap:

The My Tiny Pet character purrs when you tap on it, and it makes this borderline annoying “Hi!” sound whenever you open it or whenever you take it to another room, or come back from a mini-game, the store, the marketplace, or another menu. So on a bad day, you might get annoyed with the thing. On a normal day, you might find it cute. Who knows?

Altogether, it’s definitely better, more interesting than Pou.

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