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Pou By Zakeh: New Games, New Features

Jul 27, 2015 09:35 PM EDT


Pou by Zakeh has come a long way from its original version. While the past versions of Pou already have mini-games, new skins for Pou, and other goodies, the latest version of Pou has even more treats for the gamer who just wants to kill time.


Updates to the Classic Aspects

The Bedroom now features a huge pillow that Pou sleeps on. In past versions, only a lamp adorns Pou’s bedroom. In the latest version, those who keep a Pou in their smartphones and tablets will be able to see a white pillow in Pou’s bedroom. They also get to customize his pillow with different colors from turquoise to lime. More customizations, more fun.

More mini-games have been added, with “Star Popper,” “Tumble,” and “Pet Walk,” to name a few. And as for the ball that you can toss around with Pou in the Game Room, new skins for the balls have been added, including beach balls.


New Section: Outside

The old versions of Pou are set purely indoors. Now, Pou can go outside, and you can drag a cloud to water the flowers in the Garden, kick a ball for Pou to block in Playground, and go back into the house via House, which is, well, the house’s façade. The latest version of Pou also has the “Pet” section in the Outside area, as well as a Garage, where there’s a car for Pou and his pet to go on a drive via the “Hill Drive” mini-game. Pou and his pet can also go for a walk on the “Pet Walk” mini-game through that section Outside.

The Outside world can be accessed from the Hall. The bottom left icon goes there. Another way would be to go to the Shop, then go to the icon for “Outside.”


The Wrap

All in all, the latest version of Pou is richer, more layered, and has a lot of new features to keep a Pou fanatic occupied. It doesn’t sport the most detailed of graphics, but if you don’t mind that, it’s simple, no-strategies fun.

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