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Keep WebMD On Your Mobile For On-Hand Medical Info

Jul 26, 2015 07:17 PM EDT

Health is an inextricable concern in the human experience, so it’s natural to be concerned when one isn’t feeling well. While it is advisable to leave the expert advice to the certified, licensed, medical professionals, a patient is still the central decision maker in the process of their healing. It is important, then, that patients turn to the right tools to consult alongside their medical practitioner of choice.

One of the more comprehensive websites for medical information is WebMD. From there, a user can get drug and prescription information, as well as symptom and treatment charts for whatever condition they’re reading up on. It’s also a great place to read up on supplements, especially if one prefers a more naturopathic method of managing their health conditions.

While it would be great to sit up on a PC and pore through the literature on one’s health condition, there are times when a person is too sick to get up from bed, and reading up on possible treatments for simple things such as flu or body pains would be more convenient through a smartphone or tablet.

WebMD is more comprehensive as a website, so viewing it via Google Chrome or Opera on your mobile device is still a great idea. But their Android App is more organized. There is a Symptom Checker, where a patient can check the conditions they’re feeling, and there’s also a Drugs & Treatments area, where, if a patient is knowledgeable about how to treat simple conditions such as muscle pain or flu, they can check their options for the medicines to take.

And should one be out on a picnic or camping where there’s cellular and mobile internet signal and one of their companions got into a minor accident, there’s also a First Aid Information area, where they can check how to deal with the accident as they wait for the paramedics to get to the site.

All in all, WebMD is a very handy app to keep on one’s mobile device. Download and make the most of the WebMD Android app.

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