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Kill Time With Three Fun Games With Simple Gameplay

Jul 26, 2015 08:03 PM EDT

Maybe you fancy yourself to be a gamer who can handle the more complicated strategy or MMORPG games. Maybe you’re a casual gamer who happens to like complicated games such as Plants vs. Zombies 2. But no matter, there are days when even the most hardcore of gamers could use something as easy to play as “Flappy Bird.”

When Flappy Bird came out on the market, the game caused such a stir because of its maddeningly simple, and yet frustratingly difficult gameplay. When the game’s creator pulled out Flappy Bird because he felt guilty that the game was so “undeservedly addictive,” the drama that ensued after was unbelievable: Phones that had Flappy Bird installed on them started selling on eBay for $1000 and up, while there was a furor of unofficial releases of the game, as well as an influx of copycats. It sounds rather bizarre, but maybe Flappy Bird’s simplistic gameplay was onto something.

So here are three games that are rather simple to play, and perfect for just killing time or spacing out:

Donut Cat by LoadComplete. Donut Cat has one objective: Get as far away from the fish and as close to the running donut, as possible. But then there are possibilities of running into bars and dying along the way. Collect coins for a higher score. An easy game for a bored Android gamer. Donut Cat even has the grainy, simplistic graphics that characterizes Flappy Bird.

Zombie Tsunami by Mobigame S.A.R.L.. While the graphics on this one are rather sophisticated and well-developed, the gameplay is simple: Bump into as many non-zombie humans as possible, which turns them into zombies, then drag your train of zombified humans throughout the platform. The more humans you’ve turned into zombies, the stronger you get, and the better “insulation” you have against bumping into structures such as cars and bombs. Collect as many humans and coins and go the farthest you can, as much as possible.

Icy Tower 2 by Palringo. Jump up the ice ledges to get to more and more levels. Grab coins along the way. Try to jump as fast as you can, as the floor beneath you will increasingly disintegrate. All you need to do would be to tap or shake the device to control the character. The graphics are nice and sleek, but there’s also “Icy Tower Retro” if you prefer to play this game in grainy, legacy game-type graphics.

Killing time is so much easier nowadays with smartphones and the games and apps you can install on them. Try these simple games for hours of no-thinking fun.

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