May 15, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

PushBullet: A Great Way To Send SMS From Your PC, Sync Your Mobile With Your PC

Jul 26, 2015 07:39 PM EDT

Typing is definitely easier on a PC keyboard. One of the more irritating features of being on a touch screen Android is, well, the touch screen. The lack of a tactile keypad to work with is definitely a pain for some users, and for those who are in a hurry, or just have huge fingers, this could be an irritation.

The irritation and inconvenience doubles when one is busy at work. Whether one is in the thick of coding an app, writing posts for the company blog, or putting together a presentation, it’s certainly annoying to have to reach out for the phone and type out a message to the mom, the significant other, or even to order lunch. It would definitely be more convenient to never have to have one’s hands leave the keyboard and just type an SMS straight from the desktop or laptop.

For years a lot of geeks, techies, and the regular smartphone owner, have dreamed of a way to do just that. Pushbullet made that dream come true.

Pushbullet lets a user sync their devices across platforms with the use of their apps. A user can sync a Windows laptop to an Android or an iPhone, or a Mac user can sync their Mac to their iPhone. Or maybe they’re tech agnostic. They can certainly sync all their devices on Pushbullet.

Pushbullet lets a user:

-Send SMS straight from the PC app, webpage, or browser extension.

-Send links between devices.

-Send files, documents, photos, other media, across devices.

-Communicate with other Pushbullet users on the platform.

-Follow and consume content from “channels.”

If Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera’s sync functions just don’t work, Pushbullet’s capacity to send individual links between devices just might be the much-needed sync solution.

The SMS function is possibly Pushbullet’s best feature. Anyone neck-deep in work could use the convenience of being able to send, receive, and reply to SMS right from their workspace. However, for the moment, only desktop, browser, and Android apps have the capacity to send messages. For iOS users, SMS sync via Pushbullet isn’t available yet, and Lifehacker speculates that it might be because of restrictions on the iOS.

But Android users who desperately need a way to be able to send SMS as their fingers stay glued to their laptop keys certainly have something to rejoice about.

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