May 25, 2020 | Updated: 10:04 PM EDT

Three Productivity Apps To Keep On Your Mobile Device

Jul 26, 2015 07:27 PM EDT


While there’s a movement teaching people to disconnect and be less obsessed with and hooked to their devices, it’s still undeniable that on days when it’s crucial, work does need to come with you. This is where productivity apps come in.

Maybe your team has a product management platform of their choice, but you do need to have your own suite of smartphone productivity apps as your “core” apps of sorts.

Google Keep. When it comes to task lists, simplicity is key. You need something where you can just jot down your thoughts and leave them. Google Keep has a very simple interface, and syncs, too. Each sticky note can be a freeform note or a task list, and it could be color-coded to your liking. It’s simple and attractive, elegant, user-friendly, and all your data is on the cloud. So you could have the app on your phone, tablet, and you can access it from your browser as well. So when you need to grab your notes when you’re back on your desk, everything is simple, fluid, and elegant, even.

Dropbox. So you’re having a moment with your coffee at Starbucks, and your boss messages you to take a look at something he sent. Files can be sent and accessed on the go with Dropbox. So whether it’s an mp3 recording, a Word document, a PDF, or even a .ZIP file, you can take a quick peek while you take a breather.

Evernote. Maybe you’re writing your novel or nonfiction even as you work the 9 to 5. Evernote makes writing a more organized process, with notes collated in notebooks. You can start your thoughts while you’re on your PC, then as you commute, you can add more of your thoughts within the same notebook. It makes the creative process a lot more accessible, and you get to make the most of your time, too.

It makes more sense to leave the gadgets when you’re de-stressing. However, being 100% disconnected isn’t so realistic. So power through your tasks, make sure you have apps where you can simply jot down your ideas, and make use of the time you spend lining up on queues, being stuck on a train, and other similar situations.

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