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Adobe Lightroom For Android Gets Much-Needed Updates

Jul 22, 2015 06:11 PM EDT


Adobe’s creative tools are still the industry standard in photo editing. And as Adobe works on bringing its tools to more modern platforms such as the cloud and mobile, some functionalities have not been ported fully, just yet. For a while, the Android faithful who use Adobe Lightroom have had to endure the lack of some crucial functions, which iOS users have been enjoying for a while now, Adobe has finally ported these functions to the Android version.

The Android version of Adobe Lightroom was rolled out for Android phones in January 2015. So essentially, this update is long overdue, but Android users surely won’t mind the delay, if they can use the app with expanded functionality.

What’s New In The Latest Version?

Adobe Lightroom now allows copy-paste functions. If you’re working on a multi-layered image, with more than one image as original sources, then this feature will come in handy. A creative using an Android for on-the-fly edits with Adobe Lightroom will now have an easier time editing between images with the new functions.

A new crop tool has been introduced, making auto-straightening and quick alignment edits easier. Since cropping is one of the most-used image editing functions, this is definitely an absolutely crucial improvement.

New browsing methods have been integrated, allowing a creative to sift through their work with better ease. Collections now has a segmented view, making for easier browsing and searching for images.

The Wrap

Using Adobe Lightroom on an Android would still be better if the user is on Adobe Creative Cloud. Syncing images across devices, as well as being able to access the desktop versions of one’s work would be far easier with a basic Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. More functionalities are available with a subscription, which starts an affordable $10 monthly. Sync is pretty important, as well, especially if the creative is more comfortable working with Lightroom on the desktop.

On the whole, there are more powerful photo editing apps for the Android, but if a creative is a heavy user of Adobe Lightroom, the app will be perfect for bringing and editing work on the go.

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