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Replace Your Stock Voice Recorder With Any Of These Voice Recording Apps

Jul 22, 2015 06:03 PM EDT


Dedicated voice recorders are a thing of two decades ago. They were useful for meetings, classes, and for reporters, interviews. Of late, most smartphones already come with voice recorders out of the box, but it can’t hurt to install the best-rated voice recorders on Google Play.

Smart Voice Recorder by SmartMob is perfect for parents who want to use their smartphones as a baby monitor. This app skips recording silence, so this helps with saving space on your device. However, it does not allow the user to send the file via SMS or MMS. Still, it’s a handy app to record a sleeping baby’s activity or lack of it, and it works well as a babysitter monitor.

Voice Recorder by lovekara is a simple yet flexible app that records audio in mp3 from start to finish. While most stock voice recorders render their output in .WAV, this app records the audio in .mp3. There are no time limits to the recordings, so you can keep hours of voice recordings. The options are very comprehensive, so you can choose the quality of audio to record in. This app also lets you record audio in the background, so you can set it and leave it.

Voice Recorder by Splend Apps is a robust, full-featured voice recorder complete with a live spectrum analyzer. So if you’re a professional who needs that feature, this one is a good choice. This app has a nifty feature wherein it stops when a user receives voice calls. The output is also very share-able, and can be controlled from the Status Bar. Bitrate and quality are also adjustable, and mono recording is supported. There is also a built-in player that works much like a regular mp3 player, so you can play back your audio files conveniently. There is also support to delete multiple files at once, and you may save to the general media library.

When you need apps more robust than the stock voice recorder to log your meetings, classes or interviews, consider these three and enjoy the expanded features.

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