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Release Date, Rumored Version Number For Android M

Jul 22, 2015 04:37 AM EDT

Much anticipation is drumming up with the release of the Android M, and previews are already out. In fact, pundits are already speculating on the “sweet” name for the OS, and names like “Muffin,” “Marshmallow,” “Milkshake,” “Mint Chip,” “Macaron,” and even “Macadamia Nut Cookie” are being thrown around. This is in the spirit of how Android has been naming its versions, which are pattered over sweets. However, there is one more naming method that has been leaked into the public: Android M is rumored to roll out as Android 5.2, and NOT Android 6.0.

In any case, major changes are going to come with the OS. Aside from the specs named in a previous article, these are other things to expect from Android M:

Android Pay is going to be very integrated into the system. Users can tap their phones on payment-enabled terminals, and with NFC technology, they will be able to just tap and pay without needing to enter credit card details and other credentials for every transaction.

Fingerprint detection will also be system-wide. This function will not only be limited to signing into the device, Android is also opening the function to developers, allowing them to integrate fingerprint sign-in into their apps. This will make logging in and account management fuss-free and more secure.

Expanded voice control is also going to be available to developers, allowing them to build voice control into their apps. The possibilities are also open for apps to talk back to the user.

These functions are very telling of how Google is working on integrating more contactless security features and functionalities into the OS. This will hopefully prove to be advantageous to users who need greater accessibility. The fingerprint detection function is also a very crucial feature in the age of increasing malware attacks, security breaches, and hacking sprees.

On the whole, there is much to look forward to the public release of the Android M, which TechRadar says might happen in September.

The folks at TechRadar have created rather interesting suggestions for the OS:

-Android Muesli

-Android Marmite

-Android Malt loaf

-Android Marmalade

-Android Melon Balls

-Android Molasses

-Android Mango

-Android Malk

-Android Malteaser

Surely the manly-men looking forward to holding an Android M are still hoping it won’t be “Android Macaron.”

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