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Samsung Releases The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Touted To Be The "iPad Killer"

Jul 22, 2015 04:25 AM EDT

Samsung is definitely still hell-bent on being better than Apple.

Releasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 on July 20th, the flagship tablets were observed to have gotten “thinner, lighter, and squarer.” Some sources even say that Samsung is taking not just a page, but pages off of Apple’s design sensibility guidelines book. In any case, the best way to see if Samsung really is going head to head with the iPad Air 2 would be to compare their specs side by side.

Tech Specs:


Samsung: Octa-core with two quad-core chips at 1.9GHz and 1.3 GHz, respectively.

Apple: Triple-core at 1.5GHz.

Winner: Samsung.


Samsung: 3GB

Apple: 2GB

Winner: Samsung


Samsung: Entry-level – 32GB, High-end – 64GB

Apple: Entry-level – 16GB, Mid-range – 64GB, High-end – 128GB

Winner: Apple

Clearly, Samsung has made the effort to ensure that their 9.7in offering is better than the iPad Air 2 where it matters. However, the iPad Air 2 can connect to GSM, HSPA, LTE, as well as CDMA and EVDO networks. It also has connectivity for more LTE bands than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. However, all that connectivity might not be necessary anyway.

In terms of storage, Apple has a wider range of choices, so this might appeal more to consumers.


Samsung: Length 237.3mm or 9.34in, Width 169mm or 6.65in, Thickness 5.6mm or 0.22in

Apple: Length 240mm or 9.45in, Width 169.5mm or 6.67in, Thickness 6.1mm or 0.24in

Winner: Samsung

Apparently, Apple’s iPad Air 2 is thicker, wider and longer, but not by much. However, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 can definitely boast of a thinner profile.


Samsung: 389g for the WiFi model, 392g for the LTE model

Apple: 437g for the WiFi model, 444g for the 3G/LTE model

Winner: Samsung

Samsung has made a lighter device, overall, and that might give it an edge over Apple.

Conclusion: Yes, Samsung may have manufactured what could be THE iPad killer among the Androids. It’s thinner and lighter than the iPad Air 2, beefy in terms of specs where it counts, and the areas where they cut corners practically don’t matter. They should just ditch the bloatware, and they’ll have the title in the bag.

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