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The Android M: Improvements To Look Forward To When It Rolls Out

Jul 20, 2015 12:57 AM EDT

A promisingly sweet update is on the horizon, and Android fanatics can’t wait for it to be ironed-out and rolled-out, sooner.

The Goodies:

The Android Team is certainly on a quest to make the user experience as awesome as possible, and so, they’re adding a lot of functionalities that users have clamored for:

The Capacity To Remove Status Bar Icons – There are icons that simply make the Status bar cluttered, and admittedly, they do get in the way of taking screenshots. So if you’re one of those users who like to keep their Bluetooth on all the time, but don’t like that icon cluttering up the Status Bar, this new function will come in handy.

The Capacity To Refresh/Delete ALL WiFi Connections. – Some users find that their WiFi connection lists get too cluttered. Some WiFi hotspots will never be used again anyway, so if a user wants to clear this list in one fell swoop—they now can.

The Ability To Manage RAM. – While some manufacturers such as Samsung already include a task manager within their admin apps, most Android users still download their own app managers and task killers of choice. The upcoming Android M has a RAM manager built-into the system, so the OS will have this capacity, across the board.

A Storage Overhaul. – One of the pains of being on Android is how the device eventually notifies the user that the storage is getting full, and yet, they see that space is still available, somehow. The new interface for storage monitoring has been simplified, and the breakdown of where the storage space goes is made more comprehensible.

App Management Improvements. – Currently, the Home Screen retains its Portrait arrangement when the app is on Auto-Rotate mode. Android M will rotate all the apps, including those on the Home Screen. So you will be able to view your apps in Landscape Mode, as well. Then, the App Drawer got a much-deserved reboot, with the alphabetical arrangement removed, and just the apps, in all their glory, are retained. Some tech pundits applaud the efficient use of screen space and the simplicity.

Other improvements incorporated are, the more efficient Power Saving Mode, which comes as a default when a device is powered up. Another is the ability to delete screenshots from the Notifications bar. Before, the stock, barebones Android versions only let you share the screenshot from the Notifications bar. Some brands tweaked that function, though. At best, this function now comes straight from the Android version that’s fresh off of Android’s developers, so whatever Android M ROM you’ll use, you’ll get their tweaks and improvements.

The Android M will also come with Google Pay integration and fingerprint recognition, and fingerprint recognition powers Google Play and other purchases. The better to ensure that a user’s purchases remain secure.

Will it be branded… Android Macaron? Hardcore manly-man Android geeks may launch a protest, and so, let’s hope Google won’t go there. As of the moment, the working “sweet name” is rumored to be “Macadamia Nut Cookie.” Indeed, sweet things are coming up for the Android, and fans can’t wait for those Macadamia Nut Cookies to start rolling out.

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