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Plurk On Android Updates To Version 1.1.0

Jul 19, 2015 06:19 PM EDT


Do you Plurk?

Plurk is a social network that was launched as an alternative to Twitter. It is classified as a social network and micro-blogging site. Launched in 2008, the micro-blogging site may not be as popular as Twitter, but it has an Alexa rank of 1,813 worldwide, and is ranked at 138 in Taiwan.

Plurk on Desktop has a different Timeline navigation method, compared to Twitter. While Twitter scrolls vertically for across the Desktop version and its mobile apps, Plurk scrolls horizontally. The latest updates appear in the leftmost, and each update opens to a discussion thread within it. Videos, images, and even Google Map locations can be embedded on a Plurk.

The Taiwanese developers The A-Team explain that the word “Plurk” is a portmanteau for “play” and “work,” an abbreviation of “People” and “Lurk,” as well as an acronym of the words “Peace,” “Love,” “Unity,” “Respect,” and “Karma,” the latter being a function that they pioneered. Plurk was one of the apps that made gathering “Karma” points for using the app’s services popular. Since Plurk, many apps have adopted the “Karma” model, raising a user’s points for doing things with their apps, such as posting status messages, using stickers, and the like. Another app, PlayVox, even gamifies work interaction.

Karma points on Plurk unlock groups of smileys, and one of the novelties of the social network is getting to unlock all the smileys available to users.

Since 2008, Plurk has survived the time when Twitter’s rivals sprouted and subsequently “died” a natural death. No longer do we hear of Jaiku, Heello, or the other microblogging apps that sprouted at the time of Twitter’s inception. While Plurk’s survival was called “unexpected” by some circles, the fact remains that it’s still a top site according to Alexa, and it certainly is a top site in Taiwan.

On July 14, 2015 (GMT+8), Plurk updated its Android and iOS apps to version 1.1.0 for Android and version 3.2.0 for iOS. The upgrade includes bug fixes for the Android, as well as access to app-exclusive emoticons, as well as customized friend lists and cliques. User Interface adjustments were also implemented.

While Plurk scrolls horizontally on its Desktop version, its mobile versions scroll horizontally, and you can view each Plurk’s comment threads by tapping through an individual Plurk. The mobile versions retain Plurk’s fun stickers and emoticons.

If you find Twitter’s vertical timeline on Desktop boring, Plurk is a viable alternative. Plus, gaining more Karma points is definitely addictive.

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