May 12, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Get Directions On The Fly With Google Maps’ New Feature

Jul 14, 2015 12:31 AM EDT

One of the things that mobile users really look for in a device, is its compatibility with the PC. Desktop to mobile integration is one of the key features that end users are looking for, and Android users are among the luckiest of the tech users, when it comes to desktop-to-mobile integration for Google.

For one, Google acknowledges that the Chrome OS came late into the game, so it didn’t lock its integration features to the Chrome OS alone. Most Android users have sync functionality from Chrome browsers and other Google Apps, no matter what OS.

But then Google is now upping the ante by giving Android and Google Apps users another feature: You may now send Google Maps directions from your PC to your phone.

This comes in handy when you’re driving to a friend’s house or to a restaurant you haven’t been to before. If you got to search for the location on Google Maps via Chrome, you can mark the coordinates for your directions, then send that to your device, using the new “Send to device” option in the Google Maps menu. The only thing you need to tweak on your device would be to make sure that your Google Maps on Android is at version 9.11.0. If you also have an iOS device, ensure that it has the 4.8.0 version of Google Maps, and that the app has access to all notification permissions. Once you have the current version of Google Maps on your devices, and you’re logged into a Google Account you’re using on these, Google Maps on your browser will show the “Send to device option.”

Map out turn-by-turn instructions for yourself, or just mark out the general area of your destination. Maybe you want to be able to browse future travel itineraries on your mobile when you’re stuck in a queue or commuting via bus or train. For whatever reason you’ll need to send a Google Maps entry to your mobile, now you can.

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