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Be A Better Cook With These Three Recipe Apps

Jul 10, 2015 11:01 PM EDT


It’s a sunny afternoon. The eggs are all whisked and folded into the batter, and the chocolate softly melts on the double boiler. Your ingredients are all lined up on the table in front of you, and you’re about to finish the last steps before you pour the batter into the pan and pop your mixture into the oven. Until you realize that there’s an ingredient you forgot. You rack your brains for that one last pinch of what-was-that. And then you realize that all that hard work in front of you may well come to naught.

This is when you should have had your Android Tablet in front of you, conveniently displaying your recipe. Better yet, you should have used your favorite recipe app when you were grabbing your ingredients from the grocery.

Your next lava cake or soufflé won’t be such a fail, however, as you’ll be all set with your Android Tablet and these gorgeous food and recipe apps fresh off of Google Play:

Yummly is probably the most versatile of these apps. It is not a recipe collecting tool that just got built off of a food and recipe network. Rather, it was built to be a Pinterest for food, of sorts. See a recipe on a friend’s blog? Yum it! All you need to do is to install the Yum! Bookmarklet on your desktop browser, and you can “Yum!” recipes off of just about anywhere, as you browse. It will then sync to your other devices, as long as you’re logged into your Yummly account.

Get Yummly on Google Play:

AllRecipes started out as a recipe website that eventually built tools such as recipe boxes and apps into its system. The picks are excellent, and the website is comprehensive. You won’t lack of tutorials with recipe videos. Seeing your favorite dishes demonstrated in front of you via video would be a better learning and cooking experience. AllRecipes will certainly help you become a better cook.

Get AllRecipes' Apps on Google Play:

The app integrates both the recipe and your grocery list in one view. So if you see what you could cook for dinner on the app, you can just tap the Grocery List tab and you’re all set for gathering your ingredients. Simple and fuss-free!

Get the App on Google Play:

Learning how to perfect your meals and desserts just got easier. Install these apps on your tablet to read while you cook, and on your smartphone to take with you to the grocery, and you’ll be on your way to perfecting the art of cooking in no time!

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