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Skype To Get Real-Time Speech Translation Later This Year

May 28, 2014 11:26 AM EDT


Skype Is To Get Real-Time Speech Translation Later This Year. Microsoft just unveiled a new real-time" language translation feature for Skype. The device now known as Skype Translator is set to be tested for the Windows 8 device later this year. Microsoft’s strategy is “Cloud First, Mobile First” says Satya Nadella. "It is going to make sure you can communicate with anybody without language barriers," said Mr. Nadella. Microsoft purchased Skype in May of 2011 for $8.5 Billion. According to Microsoft, Skype has 300 million monthly global users.

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The company’s initiatives to innovate through mobile are a top priority. Is it enough to push Google and Apple out of the mobile wars? Android is poised to remain a market leader. Android 4.4 smartphones which are lower in cost are aimed to gain big wins over its consumers. With many versions of Android’s low cost smartphone now on the market, consumers can benefit from many areas such as low cost, lower resolution displays, minimal data speeds and smaller memory.

Microsoft accounts for over 10 percent of smartphone devices purchased in the leading European Countries for the first time. Microsoft's current investments are supported by its strong balance sheet improving market share gains. Microsoft does have emerging markets strength, continued technology deployment in mobile, its data centers and growth in cloud computing.

The consumer mobile platform market is led by Android and iOS but Microsoft is also poised to gain market share. Microsoft grew 123 percent in the third quarter of 2013. Microsoft also recently announced the possible acquisition of Nokia’s mobile devices and services. The company launched its first touch-based operating system, Windows 8 late last year. But Windows 8 could not provide a positive boost to the PC market.

Google remains competitive in the war between Apple and Microsoft. Markets such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Britain are leading European markets where Android OS is a leader however iOS is strong but also struggling and Microsoft Windows Phones indicate slow growth. Emerging markets growth in India and Asia are still open markets.

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