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Seeing The World Through Mobli

May 23, 2014 01:12 PM EDT


Seeing The World Through Mobli’s eyes is a very appealing view. CEO and founder Moshe Hogeg said Mobli’s goal is to “make it possible to see what is happening in the world through other people’s eyes.” Mobli's mobile app for Android allows mobile sharing of photos and video recorded on mobile devices to its website where other users can view the content.

The company announced earlier this month the launch of the latest version of its popular app, with a number of new features and enhancements. Chief amongst these is a new option that provides top mobli users with their own personal sticker-filters that is available only for their followers. mobli is rolling out the feature to a select group of top mobli users, including teen social media sensation, Nash Grier.

mobli offers a unique set of features:

– Follow locations and hashtags

– Looping videos

– Video Filters

– Weekly updated filters

– Unlimited video length

– No photo cropping

Users can browse the websites content feeds in real time by location, subject, or uploader. Mobli apps were initially built in HTML5 but this approach was abandoned due to poor performance. The apps were re-built in native code on iOS and Android while dropping support for Blackberry in favor of Windows Phone.

About Mobli

mobli is a richer and smarter way to capture and share photos and videos with friends and the world while featuring unparalleled visual effects. On mobli, users follow and engage with individuals as well as communities based on interests and locations. mobli’s vision is to connect the eyes of people across the globe so users can experience the world through other people’s eyes.

Android users can download the Mobli app directly at Google Play.

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