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Android SDDC and Security

May 23, 2014 01:14 PM EDT


There are many opportunities for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and Android. Android productivity apps can be a valuable tool to these areas. Tufin Technologies is the market-leading provider of Security Policy Orchestration solutions. The company recently released its international survey results that highlight specific security challenges that need to be addressed in order to enable innovations such as the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). According to the survey, ninety-one percent of the 169 network and security managers surveyed at Cisco Live in Milan in January, and the 82% of the 203 security managers polled at the RSA Conference 2014 in San Francisco reported that the on-demand nature of virtualization and the cloud has increased pressure on them to deliver applications and services faster, with 40% citing complexity as the biggest barrier to network security.  

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“Virtualization and the cloud are dramatically increasing the rate and volume of network changes, forcing security managers to find new and better ways of ensuring security policies are kept intact throughout these rapid changes,” said Reuven Harrison, CTO, Tufin. “We provide them with the ability to marry automation with security, while maintaining full control over change processes. This enables organizations to reap the full benefits of next generation networking technologies without sacrificing security.”

An October 2013 Tufin-commissioned survey highlighted in which 71% of more than 500 senior IT professionals found themselves having to adopt new processes, learn new technologies and interact with new people because of the imperative to work together as a larger team.

Both networking and security managers pointed to specific issues:

·       Almost 90% felt that organizations rely too heavily on network security products and tools at the expense of good network architecture and design in order to deliver the optimum level of network security.

·       Almost 40% reported that the biggest barrier to effective network security is network complexity while 25% cited a lack of collaboration and another 20% cited the constant change occurring in today’s networks as their biggest barriers.

·       89% of respondents reported that between 20-60% of security policy changes in their organization need to be corrected after the fact.

·       Another one-sixth reported that as much as 60-80% of their organizations’ security policy changes need to be revised after the fact as well.

“While the cloud and virtualization are introducing new risks and challenges, they are also introducing huge opportunities to innovate network management,” said Harrison.  “Any network infrastructure change impacts availability and security equally - managing them independently no longer makes sense. As software defined architectures continue to evolve, the implementation of security policy orchestration can literally automate increased collaboration between network and security operations teams, providing the momentum needed to optimize management of next generation networks.”

About Tufin Technologies

Tufin® is the leader in Security Policy Orchestration, automating and accelerating network infrastructure changes while maintaining security and compliance. By improving network change processes, organizations using the Tufin Orchestration Suite™ will have a positive impact on the business by reducing the time and cost spent implementing network changes by up to 80%. Taking a holistic view of IT, the Tufin Orchestration Suite helps organizations automate security and efficiency into day-to-day operations, enabling them to be more agile and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage. Founded in 2005, Tufin serves more than 1,300 customers in industries from telecom and financial services to energy, transportation and pharmaceuticals. Tufin partners with leading vendors including Check Point, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, F5, Stonesoft, Blue Coat, McAfee and BMC Software, and is known for technological innovation and dedicated customer service.

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