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Review of Automatic Link

May 11, 2014 01:15 AM EDT


Have you checked out a cool auto accessory that makes smarter drivers? The company recently announced earlier last month its official launch of Automatic for Android app, version 0.9, live in the Google Play Store. According to the blog post, Automatic for Android behaves exactly as the user expects, automatically, in the background, whenever they drive. Ensuring that the app behaves this way was a big challenge, especially because of the peculiarities of using Bluetooth across the wide range of Android devices. Many Android devices such as those who own an Android phone running OS 4.0 or above, with Bluetooth and GPS support, Automatic are compatible.

The recent release supports almost all of the features described on the homepage: Trip timeline with distance, MPG, route map, and trip fuel costs. Weekly drive score, distance, MPG, and daily insight graphs. Automatic parking spot tracking. Notifications and explanations of what that “Check Engine” light means. Clearing the check engine light from your phone. Support for multi-car and multi-user.

The Automatic Link is an auto accessory which can communicate to the users car's onboard computer. Automatic Link users the users smartphone's GPS and data plan to upgrade a car's capabilities. The Automatic Link can also detect serious crashes. The Link’s built-in accelerometer connects with Agents from Automatic whom report the situation to local authorities. Having emergency responders on call is a key benefit.

Automatic Link accessory uses Bluetooth® technology and sophisticated energy-saving algorithms. Automatic also minimizes the users phone's battery consumption. (iPhone uses BT 4.0, Android uses BT 2.1+). The Automatic Link plugs into the same port which a mechanic uses when the user takes the car in for service. It is also easily accessible.

Automatic currently only works in the United States. Visit Automatic Link at the Automatic website.

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