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Symantec App Center 4.4 Now With Norton Mobile Security

May 09, 2014 10:22 AM EDT

Symantec App Center 4.4 Is Now With Norton Mobile Security. Symantec recently announced the release of App Center version 4.4. The Symantec App Center 4.4 release allows IT to confidently embrace Android in the enterprise and improves security for email and app access. The release delivers integrated threat protection for Android and support for Android 4.4 operating system. The release also includes Secure Email and App Proxies for control of network access policies and compliance.

New features and others are available now in the App Center console to upgrade:

Summary of New Features

  1. Confidently embrace Android in the enterprise

  2. Improved email and app security

  3. Improved usability in admin console

Feature Highlights

1.  Confidently embrace Android in the enterprise

  • Integrated mobile threat protection

  • Protects Android users from privacy risks, mobile malware, greyware, fraudulent websites and more

  • Norton Mobile Insight, a dynamic intelligence system that analyzes apps in 200+ app stores

  • Offers single-console management of threat protection, apps and devices

  • Android 4.4 Support

  • Delivers device management and app protection for the latest Android OS

2.  Improved email and app security

  • Secure app proxy

  • Improves employee productivity resources to mobile apps and Symantec Secure Browser app

  • Secures app data in transit with per-app SSL, FIPS 140-2 tunnel

  • Eliminates need for firewall changes or complete device VPN

  • Separates corporate data traffic from personal data traffic

  • Secure email proxy

  • Eliminates need for firewall holes

  • Enforces access control policies for users, devices and apps

  • Verifies device compliance before devices are allowed to connect

  • Provides end-to-end email security when used with Symantec Secure Email app

3.  Enhanced Usability

  • Provides a snapshot of users registered, apps released, types of devices, and alerts.

Additional Features for Symantec App Center

  • App Center now supports using iOS B2B Volume Purchase Program – Managed Distribution (VPP)  

  • Apps either as Symantec Sealed apps or B2B pointer apps.

  • Added App Center API support, including REST based API and user and group creation API.

Technical Support

We value your business and are committed to customer care.  Please contact us if we can assist or answer any questions: You can also visit the Symantec App Center Knowledge Base.

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