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HP's $1Bln Cloud Bet, Android Offerings

May 08, 2014 11:17 AM EDT

HP is said to invest more than $1 billion over a two year time period to further develop its cloud computing software, tools and better compete in the marketplace. According to WSJ, the investment would account for a substantial portion of H-P's shrinking research-and-development budget, which fell 8% last fiscal year to $3.1 billion. It will also go toward hiring more developers and consultants to design, build and run cloud systems. The company said it will expand the availability of its cloud software from two data centers to 20 over the next 18 months.

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desktopsites Inc., a leading developer of innovative and cost effective application and desktop delivery solutions for small and mid-size businesses (‘SMBs’), recently announced support for HP Public Cloud 13.5 deployments using Konect Elite™. HP Public Cloud is a transparent, enterprise-grade public cloud based on OpenStack® technology, offering on-demand, pay-as-you-go cloud services for computing and storage infrastructure, as well as platform services.

“With a secure platform and low upfront infrastructure costs,” says Alex Bethlehem, CEO for desktopsites Inc., “SMBs can easily buy into and leverage the HP Public Cloud, giving themselves very flexible options for growth and scalability while ensuring that their critical business resources are safe and secure.”

HP Public Cloud solutions give SMBs the ability to access flexible, highly scalable, enterprise-grade compute resources with virtually limitless storage, all with state-of-the-art datacenters and networking security to ensure the highest protection available in the industry. With HP Public Cloud, SMBs receive enterprise-class service level agreements (SLAs), only pay for what they use, and world-class support is available 24/7.

Konect Elite on HP Public Cloud provides the unified architecture for delivering virtual applications and hosted desktops to users, adding increasing IT flexibility and considerable infrastructure and tremendous cost savings,” says Laura Armstrong, VP for desktopsites. “By leveraging the elasticity and economics of HP Public Cloud, SMBs can now add new or additional capacity without incurring overbearing capital costs, giving them the flexibility and key resources they require in order to support their new mobile workstyles.”

“The Konect Elite + HP Public Cloud solution gives SMBs a new option to easily create a fully functioning public cloud backend for enabling mobile workstyles,” states Kane Micheletti, VP of Sales & Marketing for desktopsites. “Konect’s secure publishing capabilities with BYOD device support, when combined with the very low upfront and ongoing costs of HP’s secure and scalable public cloud, means that SMB’s can very quickly get up and running with an effective mission-critical cloud computing solution without needing a massive budget, and can grow with the solution at a pace that makes sense for their business.”

HP offers an array of Android apps and features HP tablet devices found directly on the HP website.

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