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May 13th, #TabletTuesday Chats With Intel

May 07, 2014 11:27 AM EDT


#TabletTuesday Chats With Intel are being held weekly. #TabletTuesday is where users get to ask questions that are top of mind to the experts at Intel as well as their partners. It is a brand new format and informative and useful to discuss what’s relevant to today in the world of Tablets and for customers. One of their recent chats featured a recap of Windows vs. Android. Users participated with many thoughts and of how they use Android solutions.

Intel Technology Provider is an open forum that will be used to discuss topics such as Intel Channel leader’s perspective, key technology trends and tools to help members gain a competitive edge and drive their business forward. Whether ITP members design, build or resell technology solutions, Intel can help grow their business and increase sales by better matching Intel® technologies to their customer’s specific business needs. Users are invited for active participation and comments to make this a useful discussion forum for them and for customers.

Windows vs. Android:

  • @CAF_TECH: I am assuming 90% of tablets would be Android?

  • Vanessa Foden: @CAF_TECH We thought the same for Android.  

  • Peter Mossel: I get the same impression, Vanessa

  • Chris O’Malley: Windows can prevent games being played on it – you can lock them down.

  • @XDAGarwynn: @vanessa…. I think once the interfaces to backend are there Android will flourish.

  • Chris O’Malley: What is everyone seeing regarding Windows vs. Android on tablets?

  • @Jjamesatsacsinc: Business customers seem more open to Windows tablets than general consumers.

  • Chris O’Malley: I am finding that most retailers with legacy IT infrastructures want Windows.

  • Lynn Young: I agree that business seem more open to Windows tablets.

  • John Lin: We see more windows tablets as well but many just get Android for its price point.


Android users and everyone can join Intel again for #TabletTuesday on May 13, 1 p.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT.

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