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Samsung Galaxy PRO Series Tablets Integrate Ixonos Super App and Android Multi-Window Solutions

May 07, 2014 11:27 AM EDT


Samsung Galaxy PRO Series Tablets Recently Integrated Ixonos Super App and Android Multi-Window Solutions. The feature is highlighted by Samsung as Quad View Multi-tasking which includes the innovative Ixonos Super App™ solution. The solution comprises the key user interface features for the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet, offering unparalleled multitasking and user efficiency. All Samsung Galaxy PRO Series tablets will feature Quad View Multi-tasking.

“The value of seamless user interface design, for the consumer, is that they have greater productivity and heretofore unseen efficiency when using a tablet computer, and we have brought this capability to the Samsung Galaxy PRO series tablets,” said Paihonen. “The Samsung team has elegantly translated our technology into an altogether new kind of experience that redefines mobile computing. We see a realm of innovative new use cases that easily differentiates the Galaxy Note Pro for Samsung.”

The Ixonos Super App divides a tablet’s view into quadrants. The appuses the Ixonos technologies, for example, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 can have four types of active content simultaneously in use, including video, web pages, email, or note pad, for example. The applications do not go into suspend mode when inactive and the user can easily resize and reposition the quadrants according to taste. Ixonos also offers a Super App solution, based on its technology, for iOS applications.

Ixonos’ expertise in Android development extends to work conducted more than 10 years ago by a Denmark-based Ixonos team that created software stacks with capabilities that pre-dated the launch of Android. Ixonos first demonstrated its Android multi-windowing capabilities in 2011. The Ixonos Android Multi-Window solution addresses Android’s limitations when it comes to multitasking and running several apps in parallel.

“The industry is trying to catch up to users’ media usage on mobile devices, and we are pleased to see the adoption of the Ixonos Super App and our Android Multi-Window solution within the Samsung Galaxy PRO Series products,” said Roope Suomalainen, head of media for Ixonos. “We see an acceleration in the request for creative design implementations in the media industry, and we believe that our solutions can deliver enhanced engagement and revenue opportunities for companies.”

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