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Norton Spot App For Android

May 02, 2014 10:55 AM EDT


The Norton Spot App for Android is available for users at Google Play. The beta security app developed by Symantec scans for problematic apps before the user downloads them onto their device. Using the share feature on Google Play, simply “share” the app you wish to download and it will provide information that Google Play doesn't.

New updates include features such as the ability to scan apps by using the Share feature from within Google Play. The Norton Spot Android app can also provide scan results in context of viewing the app in Google Play. There are also things that a user may detect including ad behavior, battery usage, and collection of private information. Scanning all installed apps is also being worked on.


• Scan apps and get a security and battery profile BEFORE you download it on Google Play

• Identify apps that display intrusive ads on your device

• Get a battery profile of apps to see how much drain it will be while launched on your device

• See whether apps collect personal information before they get on your device

With this app, the user is in control. Norton Spot tests out new ideas and bring the user cutting edge features before they are widely released. There may be frequent updates and things moving around while the company perfects the feature, but users have a voice in how it all turns out.

Symantec’s beta app in Google Play, Norton Spot will alert smartphone users to potentially risky apps before downloading the app in Google Play. With the recent fake security app, Virus Shield, which was downloaded more than 10,000 times, filtering apps before they are downloaded becomes a more valuable approach for keeping mobile users safe. Virus Shield is just one of many examples of greyware/misleading apps that have appeared over the last year and demonstrates that cybercriminals are  now applying their old tricks to Android.

About Symantec

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