May 15, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Fenix Android App For Twitter

May 01, 2014 11:31 AM EDT

The Fenix Android App For Twitter is a new app for users. The App is available at Google Play. The suite allows users to experience areas for Twitter such as swipe through all the app sections, swipe to close a tweet or even swipe to compose a new tweet. The version 1.0 available can be purchased for $2.49.

Twitter is becoming an essential support channel for many businesses to interact directly with consumers and if any CEO or chairman wanted to get a feel for what their customers really want or what’s really going wrong, a few hours on Twitter will probably give them all the answers they need.

The app comes with a list of plenty of features for Twitter:

  • Don't miss any of your account activities. With support for real time updates.

  • Clickable timeline links, because every tap counts.

  • Single click to open a user profile, search for an hashtag or open a web link

  • Long press to access quick actions (to share, copy or tweet a link)

  • Gorgeous conversations layout

  • Beautiful images and videos preview, directly from your timeline

  • Support for multiple accounts

  • Support for multiple drafts, because every word you type is precious

  • Swipe all the things

  • Quick access to all your lists and saved searches

  • Mute users, hashtags or custom keywords

  • Internal browser

  • TweetMarker support

  • Choose from light, dark or true black themes

  • Customise the navigation of the app.

  • And a lot more…

*Fenix Google Play

Twitter’s Q4 Surged In Mobile. The company’s latest earnings report indicated  strong Q4 growth in mobile users and advertising revenue. A higher-than-expected net loss and slowdown in usage was also present. Nearly a fifth of Twitter’s stock market value was wiped out following the Q4 announcement. Mobile ad sales were said to drive revenues. The company also reported a 116 per cent jump in Q4 revenue, year-on-year, to $243 million.

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