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Top Android 2014 Smartphones

Apr 25, 2014 10:43 AM EDT


It is predicted that over 1.5 billion Android-based smartphones are expected to ship worldwide in 2017. According to Canalys, smartphones will account for 73% of all mobile phone shipments. Only smartphones are expected to ship within North America and Western Europe. The mobile device market is the fastest growing market sector today being let by smartphone users worldwide.

Below are a few top listed Android 2014 smartphones:

Galaxy S 4 Google Play edition

Vibrant, full HD display featuring a 5" Super AMOLED display and Gorilla ® Glass 3, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 brings rich, vibrant colors on a durable, scratch-resistant screen, with an ultra-thin body. Beautifully detailed photos. Take natural, high resolution photos that are a joy to share with the 13 MP rear-facing camera. The 5” HD display and HDR feature are for great landscape and portrait scenes, or use Photo Sphere to capture the world. Weighing less than a deck of cards, the Galaxy S 4 Google Play edition is in tune with the users busy life. The device retails for $649.00.

Xperia Z Ultra by Sony

The Xperia Z Ultra is an HD smartphone. Created in collaboration with Sony’s consumer electronic experts, the Xperia Z Ultra does an excellent job of merging design with technology, creating a big screen phone with symmetry and balance in all directions. Quality craftsmanship and attention to every little detail means we’ve selected only premium materials that are nothing less than beautiful. Both the front and back are made of glass, with a seamless, reflection-coated surface. The result? An Android smartphone that mirrors the world around you, letting you get so immersed in the content that the hardware virtually disappears.

HTC One Max

The HTX One Max allows Android users to maximize everything. Massive screen and amped speakers for movies that sizzle. Feature-rich camera gives you artistic photo flair, and home screen posts connect you to real-time news. All powered by our biggest battery to fuel the most demanding user. Introducing the HTC One max: more screen size, more camera, more everything. The phone model also offers a slew of accessories. The HTC BoomBass is a compact speaker cube that fits in your hand and doubles as a reclining smartphone stand for hands-free movies and videos. Great for countertop cooking videos, beachside soundtracks, and coffee table cinema. Snappy NFC tap and go connects to your HTC device wirelessly, and built-in battery-powered amp packs a 6-hour.

Wireless Intelligence had stated in its report "1.5 billion subscribers will be added to 3G networks in the next two years." The smartphone market is expected to grow to 18.3% compounded annually through 2016. It is estimated that 1 in 7 of the world's population owned a smartphone in the third quarter of 2012. Global growth has yet to penetrate in the market. It is forecasted the next billion growth of smartphones to be achieved in less than three years, by 2015.

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