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Google Now and Virtual Assistants: Apple's Most Recent Investment for Siri in Novauris Technologies

Apr 22, 2014 11:52 AM EDT


Google's aim for virtual assistance leaves an open platform for innovation. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently acquired speech-recognition software company Novauris Technologies to help improve its Siri service. According to Bloomberg, the deal fits with Apple’s approach of acquiring smaller companies and then swallowing the teams and technology before releasing features in future products.

There can be many reasons why an Android virtual assistant and mobile device is better in comparison to Siri or the iPhone. Android tends to offer a much more interactive and engaging experience with the user, known as to be a phone with better personality. Apple’s Siri voice commands are still nascent in these areas. Navigation also is more reliable when it comes to Android Voice Commands. The device also offers Google quality searches.

Google Now vs. Siri virtual assistant may not be much of a significant comparison with Google being a much better offering. Google Now was only launched early last year. The voice command and virtual assistant can be accessed now through downloading the Google Search app for Android: The app combines both voice command and search ro receive location based results. Google Now allows Android users access to data information. Information such as weather data, how much traffic can be expected before leaving work or on the way home can be learned and more.

Some are predicting for robots to enter the mainstream in the future. Today's robot has cameras, video, microphones, speakers and are built with a display. The devices are built on platforms. Challenges still arise with functionality limitations. As business requirements change over time issues have to be aligned. Having the right IT infrastructure plan that meets business requirements is an investment. Its crucial that plans are executed as mistakes can be costly.

The robots can provide such a link for professionals and users with being acquainted with a technology that connects. This is especially important as we all look for ways to better collaborate, communicate and increase efficiencies.Virtual enabled robots can play such major roles in the coming years, from healthcare to the office. Successful integration of robots into the human work force requires systems that can execute simple reasoning quickly and efficiently. Systems should be able to create problem solving tasks, which will aide in the office.

Intelligent virtual assistants are thought of today as more than just a “search tool.” Google Now is highly search-centric. The virtual assistant is powered by voice commands and is powered by Android Jelly Bean version. Apple purchased Siri three years ago but Google Now has by far been able to offer better features and functionality.

With technical innovation and creativity in a knowledge economy this makes sense for new job creation as well new business development. To support, workers have to remain active in both the offline and online world by leveraging (video) conferences, seminars, meetings in the virtual world through social media, websites, blogs forums and more.

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