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Google Wallet for Android

Apr 18, 2014 10:13 AM EDT


Tech giants such as Google are on the move to compete for mCommerce with virtual wallets. Google Wallet for Android is available at Google Play. PayPal, a competitor to Google Wallet is forecasted to generate $200 billion in transactions for 2015. Technologies such as NFC are significantly impacting Google Wallet and smartphones.

Most of the organizations now use this method in order to increase their customer convenience. There are some manufacturing companies how uses the concept of SMS alerts in order to send the status of the customer complaints and promotional updates to their customers. Retailers would find using the framework of benefit. With the rapid market growth,  organizations have to put the proper analysis and structure to mobile and mobile apps as digital is integrated to where the retail actually occurs.

For the enterprise, looking at strategies and customer centricity from the "outside looking in" is important. If you look at customer centricity as vital to today's organizations, building the right infrastructure and enhancing it does give competitive leverage to the organization.

Features for Android Google Play Wallet include Shop, save, and pay with the users phone. There are loyalty programs and offers in one place. The app allows users to send money easily to any friend in the US with an email address. Tap and pay in stores is offered wherever contactless payments are accepted.

Technology growth and rate of change that is so fast is amazing. We can definitely expect the next 10 years to be just as radical. As we have high tech areas further develop we see greater flexibility, new features, the ability to create drives innovations and the overall benefits to computing.

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