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Protecting Mobile Security From CyberSnake

Apr 17, 2014 09:15 AM EDT


Russian based “CyberSnake” is said to be compared as related to Stuxnet, which is malware that had interfered Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2010. Nigel Inkster, former head of operations and intelligence at Britain’s MI6 foreign intelligence agency, said Russia was most likely behind the cyber-attacks on Ukraine. “If you look at it in probabilistic terms ... then the list of suspects boils down to one,” he stated the Financial Times “Until recently the Russians have kept a low profile, but there’s no doubt in my mind that they can do the full scope of cyber attacks.”

IT most certainly is vital in building out security and I've often seen organizations drop security on the laps of the IT departments because of this. Everything ultimately revolves around IT, some way, some how, in this modern age, so it's natural that IT be considered when planning and executing security policies. If programs were customized and to areas which employees can "engage" with IT security policies it should fit within the environment or culture executed by every employee in daily tasks. Policy is critical. IT is a vital role in developing such policies and building framework for everyone.

A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, and 46% ad confidential data and no encryption. Information in the wrong hands is something very crucial. Companies and their IT Information security teams need to ensure that portable computers do not contain confidential business information. Information carried on laptops need to kept minimal, users could login to the network using a VPN to access information

It is important to communicate employee responsibility for the organization. I've seen but luckily have not witnessed first hand risk of liabilities and theft when employees attend conferences throughout the year. Laptops are being supervised by those who are not owners. With the right procedures such as these and policies instilled cases of identity theft, security risks can be prevented and well protected. 

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