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Google Gets More Mobile In Manhattan

Apr 16, 2014 12:05 PM EDT

Startups are flocking to New York City because of the convenience and diversity which it brings to employees. Driven by younger workers, the move to New York is widespread throughout the entire city. There are thousands of smaller tier companies which have migrated to Manhattan and have populated shared workspaces for its diversity.

Google’s become even more mobile and has its offices in Manhattan. The company is aggressive in its mobile advertising with having significant pay offs from its Google Play store for Android mobile devices. “People aren’t distinguishing what they’re doing on different screens, so advertisers should be more agnostic about where they reach the user,” Nikesh Arora, Google’s chief business officer, said on a conference call with analysts.

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Governments in currently 45 states have adopted Google for mobile, cloud and cost savings for cities. The GSA stated, “The U.S. General Services Administration is the first federal agency to successfully migrate its employees to a cloud-based email service using Google Apps for Government. Our own transition to the cloud will save millions in taxpayer dollars annually. We expect that using a cloud-based system will reduce email operation costs by 50 percent over the next five years and save more than $15.2 million for the agency in that time.”

Google has a market cap of $211.4 billion. Google’s digital marketing focuses in video remarketing and dynamic retargeting technologies. Technologies include Google+, Google Analytics, mobile advertising, video ads on YouTube, and Google Adwords. Google has realized that they need to take responsibility for multiple revenue streams for content delivered through their platform, both the end-consumer paying and through advertising.

Google Android OS still remains a leader in the worldwide smartphone market. Android expansion has been focused in emerging. Android phones are anticipated to saturate in emerging markets such as Asia, India and Africa. These countries thrive on devices under $150. Small manufacturers and older devices with older Android versions developed  by larger manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola will also drive market growth.

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