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Top Apps for Walking

Apr 15, 2014 11:30 AM EDT


Getting fit has never been easier. Top Apps for Walking are available for Android at Google Play. As these apps become more available to the user, businesses, government, and other type of organizations continue to recognize the benefits of health and fitness programs for their employees, the need for healthcare apps will be in demand.

Recommended Top Apps for Walking:

MapMyWalk GPS

The MapMyWalk GPS for Android available at Google Play offers users a custom mobile app for Android-based devices. The user can track the route, time, distance, speed, pace and calories in real-time for fitness activities using their phone. The Android app walks sync automatically with www.mapmywalk.com. MapMyWalk is great for fitness, hiking, weight loss, calorie counting, and more, and is an integral part of the MapMyWalk platform.

Nike+ Running App

Nike+ Running App is enabled by a  GPS and accelerometer. Android users can easily and accurately record for tracking. The app also features in-run audio feedback. Widgets, Share Run and Cheer Me On make for an interactive experience. The  Nike+ Running Handset Supports the following Android devices for Google Play:  Motorola Droid2 Global,  HTC ThunderBolt,  HTC Incredible2, HTC My Touch 4G Slide, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S.


EveryTrail is an ideal walking and hiking app for Android users. The app is a global web2.0 platform for geo-tagged user-generated travel content that’s changing the way millions of people share travel experiences and plan trips. EveryTrail makes it easy to share travel experiences, through interactive maps that include photos plotted along your trip route. EveryTrail is free and useful for a wide variety of trips - including road trips, sight seeing tours, sailing trips, hiking, cycling, flying, hang gliding, geocaching, skiing, kayaking trips and more. EveryTrail has trips from over 80 countries in all corners of the world. The rich and vibrant EveryTrail community is a great place to connect with others who share similar interests in travel and outdoor activities. When planning your next trip, use EveryTrail to discover where to go and what to do in some of the best places on earth.


The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) wants its Android users to get up and moving. The medical center’s free pedometer app, BIDMC Walking Club Pedometer, will turn the users Android smartphone into a pedometer: Count your steps, Track your pace and Measure your distance. There is even a walking club to join.

iCardio App

The Android iCardio app features an multiple use exercise tracker. The app can monitor any type of outdoor or indoor fitness activity. The app has GPS data so Android users can track distance, time and speed. The app also tracks calories burned with enabled voice communication. My.Digifit.com also syncs in with the app.

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