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Memorable Food Moments With Tastemade

Apr 14, 2014 11:34 AM EDT


Memorable Food Moments With Tastemade's Mobile App are looking good for 2014. The new YouTube studio delivers content about food and cooking. The Tastemade company and its shows raised $10 million in second round financing.

Tastemade has created an iOS App so far for its users with an upcoming Android mobile app set to launch this summer. The company is known to promote its popular food bloggers at technology companies such as Facebook’s HQ featuring the Tastemade “Queen.”

Food and lifestyle has become an increasingly growing trend. Tastemade has gained over 200,000 subscribers via YouTube since its inception. More than 18 million viewers have seen the shows. This month, Ryan Seacrest also joined a recent partnership with Tastemade. The celebrity producer and entrepreneur will be developing lifestyle and food TV for the company. Ryan Seacrest Productions has been involved with digital areas for other parts of its productions.

Tastemade is the premier network for foodies and food lovers. The Santa Monica company had grown to a leading next generation TV network in less than one year. The company is now operating in MTV's ol studio production studio. On-Deman episodes are filmed regularly at Tastemade and the company also hosts live film sessions for its events and programs.

About Tastemade

We created Tastemade with one goal in mind: to connect the world through food. A generation ago the cable industry launched category defining brands in food and lifestyle and we believe the same opportunity exists for today’s global, social and mobile digital platforms. Tastemade was founded by Steven Kydd, Larry Fitzgibbon, and Joe Perez and is funded by Redpoint Ventures.

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