May 29, 2020 | Updated: 10:04 PM EDT

Mobile World Congress Was All About Security and MDM

Apr 07, 2014 09:48 AM EDT


Mobile World Congress Was All About Security and MDM this year. Airwatch recently posted some of its latest MWC experiences highlights enterprise mobility’s enterprise ready devices and mobile identity and privacy in its recent articles. According to the company, nearly every major device-maker now has an enterprise software package. The company also went on to highlight that device OEMs have shifted R&D focus toward enterprise customers.

Support from executives is important, as well trust. When you are going through security and MDM projects that trust is important with executives. Being committed to schedule across all departments and to make decisions to where the CIOs should have clear understanding of the business model. Challenges within the area of MDM in having to resolve security and privacy is a known fact. Organizations tend to invest less budget for security. If this type of problem can be solved it would make sense to make more resources available and be proactive.

Educating end users on best practices is crucial. Now is an important time to do so. Performing risk assessments is a good way to mitigate. Understanding where a lot of the risk and vulnerabilities are can add to prevention and identify problems. Good risk management practices can prevent emerging security risks and threats.

Android mobile passwords may be even more efficient compared to shorter versions. Just because of the sophistication of modern day password break in techniques that weaken the average password. One of the keys in traditional passwords is in how you create the phrases. It may all depend on being strong or weak.

Security should continue to be a key initiative for the stakeholders, directors and management. They should be aware at this stage of the growing scope and uncertainty of risks. The main factors should be take into consideration is to making sure these new policies and processes can integrate well with the organization's overall strategy. A robust risk management framework should also be able to provide clear executive oversight.

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