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China and Russia are Prone to Smartphone Attacks

Mar 24, 2014 10:16 AM EDT

China and Russia are Prone to Smartphone Attacks. Cybercriminals are attracted to the stores due to its increased popularity among Android users and smartphone consumers. The countries were said to be the most dangerous places for smartphone attacks. China is aiming for economic growth of between 7 and 8 percent, a level that is good for both the country and the world, Central Bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan told a G20 meeting in Sydney last month.

Data security and breaches are a known fact amongst all types of organizations to date. The majority of these attacks can be prevented by implementing basic security measures. There has to be faster adoption to learning how to deal with these issues and more aggressively.

The U.S. has gained reputation for cyber-attacks of mobile devices and the regions of Asia and Eastern Europe are now being plagued. The Android OS including its smartphones and tablets are primary targets for cyber attacks. Online threats are not only for PCs. The security risks have spread to the worldwide growth of mobile devices and apps. App stores are also a key threat to be affected. Android Market’s is not as restricted for developers to register. Malicious apps can become infected by cybercriminals registering as developers.

"Every second 12 people in the world become victims of cyber criminals and this figure is growing every year, studies estimate,” Aleksey Moshkov, the head of the cybercrimes Bureau of Special Technical Measures, said at an IT and information security forum in Moscow on Thursday.

Cyber activity threats alone in the U.S. account for billions of dollars lost in the global economy. According to a McAfee CSIS publication, “Cyber crimes against banks and other financial institutions probably cost many hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Cyber theft of intellectual property and business-confidential information probably costs developed economies billions of dollars—how many billions is an open question. These losses could just be the cost of doing business or they could be a major new risk for companies and nations.

Educating end users on best practices is crucial. Now is an important time to do so. Performing risk assessments is a good way to mitigate. Understanding where a lot of the risk and vulnerabilities are can add to prevention and identify problems. Good risk management practices can prevent emerging security risks and threats.

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