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Review of ParkSight 2.0

Mar 24, 2014 10:16 AM EDT


Streetline recently unveiled the release of ParkSight™ 2.0. ParkSight is a cloud-based, historical and real-time data and analytics application that cities and universities use to understand parking behavior and to consider policy and pricing changes. It is a management tool for parking owners and providers to make optimal and efficient use of parking resources. ParkSight 2.0 was released to Streetline’s existing customers last month and is now a standard product for all Streetline customers. Streetline launched its Parker Android app last year for Android handsets similar to: Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 & S2. Parker is Streetline's consumer guidance application. The app is available for free at Google Play Store.

“We know we need to better manage our downtown parking spaces and use good data to make policy and operational decisions,” said Matt Bronson, Assistant City Manager at the City of San Mateo. “With applications such as ParkSight 2.0, we can run reports and share them with other members of our team to help manage our parking inventory most efficiently.”

According to Streetline, ParkSight 2.0 is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service application that allows customers to access both real-time and historical parking data on a 24x7x365 basis. Streetline detects the presence of a vehicle through the use of sensors and transmits the data in real-time via Streetline’s patented mesh network back to our data center in the cloud. Information vital to parking administrators including occupancy, turnover, and length of stay data, is then made available to customers through ParkSight 2.0.

“We are often approached about the sanctioning of accessible spaces on the OSU campus,” said Gabriel Merrell, Senior Accessibility Associate and Deputy ADA Coordinator at Oregon State University. “With ParkSight 2.0, we are able to view the occupancy and turnover data quickly and easily, create reports, and provide utilization data to support the allocation of these spaces.”

Some notable features of ParkSight 2.0 include:

  • Sophisticated analytics

  • Highly robust reporting capabilities including 19 standard reports and customized reporting

  • Rich visualization

  • Around-the-clock access and a truly self-service tool

  • Clean and intuitive interface

  • Cloud-based service with secure log-in and accessible via a web browser

  • Ability to use the data to implement policy changes, track impact, and fine tune

  • Export capabilities of data and reports for easy distribution and collaboration

  • Ability to slice and dice the data: by block, hour, day of the week in a specified date period

  • Data to support the implementation of new initiatives such as demand-based pricing models


To capture the real-time data, Sreetline's patented smart parking platform detects the presence of a car through a network of ultra-low power wireless sensors located in individual parking spaces. To date, the Streetline Smart Parking Platform has detected more that 225 million parking events across more than 40 deployments in the U.S and Europe including: Boston, Clemson University, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York City, Oregon State University, Washington Metro Area Transit, to name just a few. 

To visit the Streetline website, see: http://www.streetline.com
To learn more about ParkSight 2.0, visit: http://www.streetline.com/parking-analytics
To learn more about Parker, visit: http://www.streetline.com/find-parking/parker-mobile

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Streetline is a leading smart parking company delivering smart data and advanced analytics to solve parking issues for customers worldwide. Streetline’s pioneering technology makes the parking experience for consumers easier, while making cities and university campuses more efficient. Through sound level and road surface temperature sensing capabilities, Streetline will soon help cities and universities to further enhance their ‘smart city’ or ‘smart campus’ initiatives. Our vision is simple—to solve parking and make smart cities a reality.

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