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Europe’s App Economy

Mar 21, 2014 11:50 AM EDT


Europe’s App Economy is strong in mobile application growth. Mobile apps in the technology market have transformed through areas such as gaming, apps stores and emerging platforms. In Europe, the app economy is emerging. These apps are contributing to the economic growth factors in key areas such as jobs, revenue and the developer workforce. Developers for mobile applications will continue to drive Europe’s workforce.

Gigaom Research released a recent report of the European app ecosystem. Lessons learned so far include: The base of European app platforms is large and growing fast, which will create a ripe market for new apps. Although the app economy’s potential for job creation is smaller in Europe than in the United States, it is still a substantial opportunity. The growth will be in the aftermarket. The net result will be thousands of small app developer companies with 2-3 employees and substantial job creation and retention at larger independents and ICT departments.

Europa / Google

Mobile technology is a leading sector. Enterprise organizations such as Google and Samsung are key contributors to app growth. Android apps have become popular and remained the growth centered for European apps. Over 794.000 new jobs have been created alone within the European Union.

In the EU28 the App Economy contributes:

  • 794,000 jobs across the whole economy

  • 529,000 direct App Economy jobs, 60% of which are developers

  • 22% of the global production of app-related products and services comes from the EU

  • Revenues of more than €10 billion per annum

*Vision Mobile

According to Vision Mobile, the App Economy is a dynamic and expanding sector with several competing stores and platforms, including offerings from Apple, Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Amazon and others. Downloads of applications – “apps” – total around 100 billion with nearly 1 million apps available across an increasing number of app stores. The economic impact is significant and growing.

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