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HTC One M8 2014 Video Leak Gives First Look At Features Of Next-Gen Flagship Including Motion Gesture Controls And Double-Tap To Wake

Mar 17, 2014 04:51 PM EDT


As the HTC One M8 2014 release date draws closer ti March 25, with the next-gen flagship expected to launch at the end of this month we have gotten a new video leak showing us what we can expect from Sense 6.0. Fair warning, the device in question is the HTC One, the M7, after having Sense 6.0 ported over so don’t be too shocked when you see the familiar looking device. Still the video is good for allowing us to get a good look at the software and what to expect for the next-gen HTC flagship in terms of features.

The HTC One M8 2014 features that we can expect to come with Sense 6.0 include double-tap to wake and motion gesture controls in addition to the new interface. The New UI matches screenshots of earlier leaks according to Android Central. The HTC One M8 has a double-tap to wake feature, just like the LG Knock On which became standard with the LG G2. Other aspects of the interface is the Motion Gesture menu along with the ability to launch the camera with volume button while the phone is oriented at landscape.

The camera UI itself also looks changed along with the lock screen. There aren’t tons of other details about the software features yet and Android Central cautions us that what we see in the video isn’t the completed software interface. We will likely learn everything once the HTC One M8 2014 launched on March 25 at the end of this month.

A screen cap video of the new Sense 6.0 functionality.  This demonstration is using a version of Sense ported to an HTC ONE (M7)                           

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