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Mobile Disruption in Android Games

Mar 11, 2014 11:45 AM EDT


The game which closed down this year, Flappy Bird is a disruptive mobile game for Android users. An Online Gamification service articulated with quality is important. Organizations should address Online Gamification honestly. Online Gamification requires the correct budgets. The process of Online Gamification limiting quality and scope of work to be done for price will not serve in best interest. With the right strategy and implementation to achieve the correct engagement results this is possible.

Playing Flappy Bird Is Easier On Android. The Android app is highly popular which was created by developer Dong Nguyen. With more than 250,000 four-star reviews, “Flappy Bird” is easier on Android than the iOS stated Nguyen. Flappy Bird is rapidly building its reputation against Android users as being an addicting game. The frustration comes in that this game is described as fun, annoying, strategic and addictive all at the same time.

U.S. revenue from sales of mobile games and those downloaded to computers rose 16 percent last year, to $5.9 billion, according to researcher NPD Group. Sales of the standard $60 packaged titles for consoles fell 21 percent, to $8.9 billion. In the next 5 years mobile games are expected to grow. Markets such as China have been key growth areas.

Online spending will increase by an average of 8% per year over the next five years. By 2017, the online platform will have almost reached parity with consoles; and US$97 will be spent on online games for every US$100 spent on console games according to PWC.

There are concerns in the management area. The lack of management knowing of modern techniques can cause issues. The workforce can be engaged yet distracted with games alone.  The modern loyalty and gamification measures require an update to address the digital lives of customers and employees. Even if gamification engagement is effective with the workforce, engagement should be the outcome of the set objectives.

The merging of TVs and gaming is changing. "There should be over 150 million online console gamers globally by 2017 as well, so the opportunity to sell these gaming enthusiasts digital assets through Wii U, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 consoles will be substantially larger than it is today," "The number of Web-connected consoles should top 200 million worldwide by 2017, making these appliances a key on-ramp for not only big budget and indie games but a wide variety of multimedia and social applications and services," stated Lewis Ward, IDC Research Manager.

Are you ready for madness? The Android app is available for free download at Google Play’s store. The game has held the top spot on Google App in the last week of January. The developer of Flappy Bird states that the sudden growth has been all organic. The top reviews on Google Play have been received well. 

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