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CallPlease New Android App

Mar 10, 2014 11:06 AM EDT


CallPlease’s New Android App was created by True Blood Executive Producer Gregg D. Fienberg. "I've struggled too long without having an interactive way to track the mountain of phone calls and messages I receive and make everyday, in sync with my assistant, regardless of where I may be. That's why I created CallPlease." Gregg D. Fienberg, Executive Producer, HBO's "True Blood." The app aims to solve call management problems.

According to CallPlease, Gregg Fienberg, Executive Producer of True Blood , was frustrated trying to manage his calls for years. Spreadsheets, texts, emails, more texts and call reminders from his assistant were all part of a hot mess system to keep his calls up to date. Fienberg assumed there was a better way and asked Gabe Hobson, his assistant, to search for a solution to aid in their call management nightmare. Gabe came up with nothing. Sure there were call log apps and to do lists – but no real two-way communication solution so a boss and an assistant could manage and track calls in real-time.

So Gregg took matters into his own hands and created CallPlease www.callplease.com - the first-of-its-kind communication hub to manage and track calls in real-time across all devices. Users can see their call history on their phone like an email thread. Most apps already do calendaring, schedule calls or to-do lists, which is great for scheduling a call, but what happens after the call is done? Where is it tracked? CallPlease syncs the entire process, from start to finish.

With the Android App available for download at Google Play, CallPlease is a communication hub making it easy for a boss and an assistant to share, track and manage calls more efficiently across all devices. Also great for a single user, CallPlease is a cloud-based service that keeps everyone in sync about a call from start to finish taking over where most communication vehicles end. No more endless texts, Post-it notes, email chains and spreadsheets trying to manage your calls. Email can’t track your calls like CallPlease. This first-of-its-kind solution fixes the call management frustration offices and professionals face daily.

Originally, the app was built just to solve Gregg's problem; however it was not long before other producers and folk in Hollywood started asking to use the app. From there, an app star was born. The assistant has a CallPlease web interface where they enter calls and status notes. Those entries are populated onto the boss' s devices (tablets, phones) immediately. From the CallPlease application, the boss makes the call and then enters notes afterward on the status of that call. That info is synced right back to the team in real-time. In addition, the boss sees his calls like email on his phone. Multiple bosses and assistants can be on one account.


About CallPlease

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