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The New York Times Delves Into Machine Learning

Mar 06, 2014 11:53 AM EST

The New York Times recently launched a new personal-technology column which was titled “Machine Learning.” The newspaper is conducting machine learning in real life in efforts to predict what users will unsubscribe from the publisher. Columbia University mathematician Chris Wiggins was also hired as its first“chief data scientist.”

Android is expected to growth through M2M verticals. These are high growth areas in which developers and other vendors can benefit through further developments within this platform and ecosystem. M2M has the ability to create scenarios where every day things can create value for humans. Developers are expected to learn and better adopt the platform. It is expected that over billions of applications will be using this type of data through mobile in the near future. The growth of Android M2M applications will depend on how security standards improve for the mobile OS.

Google describes Machine Learning as service executing on a mobile platform which receives data related to a plurality of features. The machine-learning service determines at least one feature in the plurality of features based on the received data. The machine-learning service generates an output by performing a machine-learning operation on the at least one feature of the plurality of features. The machine-learning operation is selected from among: an operation of ranking the at least one feature, an operation of classifying the at least one feature, an operation of predicting the at least one feature, and an operation of clustering the at least one feature. The machine-learning service sends the output.

Modern M2M (Machine-To-Machine) communication offers many possibilities. M2M is related to Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). According to VDC Research, their will be more than one million embedded developers working with Android in M2M applications by the end of 2015. "Android is a massively disruptive technology for the embedded technology vendor community. While there have always been many OS's to support the wide diversity of embedded and M2M applications, never has a new OS gained so much traction so quickly,” stated VDC vice president Chris Rommel.

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