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Mobile Retail Technologies

Mar 06, 2014 11:53 AM EST


Mobile Retail Technologies continue to have a strong outlook for growth. Today there are a variety of solution providers for all organizations offering data analytic processes that will yield results both short and long term. These retail technologies will better manage big data growth. Organizations can save more time to focus on innovation, strategy and other growth areas. Companies providing the right tools and its information that enable them to do so.

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PC trends point to a big future for tablets. If we pay attention to what is happening, how the PC and Tablet market is behaving and influencers in the industry it makes sense. It is anticipated for price expectations to fall this year. It makes sense not to drop prices much farther as they are already at some of the lowest rates in industry. Reports have even stated the usage of plastic for minimizing costs.

My Starbucks Rewards membership contributes to the company's more than three million U.S mobile transactions each week. The consumer demand is clearly here, retailers have a lot of competition saturated in the market now. Coming up with the best social solutions and being of influence is an important initiative to engaging consumers. The market does look good: By 2014, worldwide mobile commerce will reach $352.7 billion. Consumers have largely kept up spending levels this year. Forrester says U.S. web shoppers will spend $262 billion in 2013. Check out some of these free retailer app sites.

With the growth of use in the small screens: PCs, smartphones, and tablets the room based solutions that facilitate enterprise-grade video collaboration, ease of use, ease of deployment, etc al will be market competitive. We will look for the "work life" balance and productivity features. When offering mobile apps, customers would most likely look for value-seeking offers and organizations that can cater well in digital rewards offers like these will succeed. The user experience is a critical element for the site. Multivariate techniques and tools can be used to better improve the mobile retail landscape by test & learn analysis, test elements.

There are some great retailer's such as Target whose already loyal customers welcome this type of social loyalty. Companies like Gap, H&M, and Sephora are using Wrapp mobile app which integrates through Facebook. Customers can purchase gift cards via smartphones and Wrapp also gives away free gift cards.

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