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How To Install Google Now Launcher

Mar 05, 2014 11:44 AM EST


Google recently enhanced several features of its Google search app. The Android app is featured on select devices such as the Nexus 5. Google cites the recent changes as “bug fixes and performance improvements” at the Google Play store. The significant change includes the changing of the Nexus 5 home screen renamed as the “Google Now Launcher.” Other updates include user option to select TV providers or video on demand, personalized Google Now recommendations of shows to watch and Google Now’s display of Airbnb reservations.

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There are also enhancements such as notifications and alarms which have been simplified for the user. The Google Now launcher is available at the Google Play Store. It can be installed and compatible with Nexus 5. Users simply are required to download the updated version of Android Google Search at Google Play. The Nexus 5’s GoogleHome SPK could be then installed and downloaded. The user would have to change the settings to install a non Google Play app on their device.

One of the features with the Google Search app and the GoogleHome APK is that the user can use Google Now launcher. This can be down by locating and selecting the user’s home button. Tests have shown that the launcher is designed for Nexus 5 exclusively however it indicates that Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One can also be used.

Google's entrance into the technology markets with mobility has been on solid growth against its competitors Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Apple. The Google Android OS currently drives more than three quarters of smartphone devices which were sold last quarter. Google's fourth quarter revenues saw 17% earnings growth with the company reporting adjusted earnings of $12.01 per share.

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