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Barcelona Loves Android

Mar 05, 2014 11:44 AM EST


Google’s Android operating system has grown to become a favorite of the City of Barcelona. Barcelona has been exposed to Google at a massive level with its Android OS offerings and advertising in its market. Nokia also unveiled its first Android-powered smartphone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month. There have been questions regarding fragmentation in the marketplace, however with Google and high end or low end smartphones it may be just a benefit to its strategy.

Barcelona has been emerging to lead globally as its city has adopted to smart city technologies and its government. According to Global Web Index, Android leads all markets but the gap between Android and iOS in fast-growing developing markets was indicated as significant. In Spain, less than 20% of users choose iOS, Android being at just above gaining 60% majority of users. The rate of adoption is growing six times as fast in Barcelona.

Barcelona aims to improve quality of life for its citizens and is working to address new technologies in areas such as mobile. Near field communication adoption has yet to take off but promises are optimistic for future mainstream adoption. The city still faces current unemployment challenges. The city is bicycle and pedestrian friendly and has made efforts through innovative technologies to help improve these areas for quality of life.

The city has been host to the Mobile World Congress. At the event, over thousands of people gather to Barcelona to preview the upcoming computers and mobile phones within the marke. The rate of adoption has been very fast and is only expected to increase faster as the prediction for smartphone growth grows. Google has been at the cusp of this shift by announcing and creating new services for computers and mobile versions. Its new smartphones have been powerful and development of web applications for Google have been supported across the world. 

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