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Review Of EverythingMe

Mar 04, 2014 12:29 PM EST


EverythingMe Launcher App for Android is available for download at Google Play. The company also has a preview of its SDK version for those using Android version 4.0 and higher. With EverythingMe, users can access news apps, a prediction bar which anticipates, calendar and train schedule. EverythingMe currently operates in the US, UK Germany and Spain.

Mozilla and EverythingMe recently announced ‘Firefox Launcher earlier last month. The release of the Firefox Launcher is an android launcher powered by EverythingMe’s technology. The team shared the following statement via the EverythingMe blog, “We’re working together to deliver the best mobile Web experience to people everywhere – regardless of location, platform or device. We are happy to expand our work together with this new product to give people more smart, easy and innovative ways to personalize their Web experience and meet their needs in any context.”


A launcher, or a home replacement app, can upgrade the look and functionality of your homescreen. It can also personalize the way you open apps, make calls and perform other tasks. Below are the main features of EverythingMe that will upgrade your phone:

The Prediction Bar™

Anticipates what you’ll need throughout the day. Get your news apps in the morning, your calendar at work, and the train schedule on your way home.

Smart Folders™

Your apps are automatically organized according to your interests. Open football stats from the Sports Folder or find cartoons in your Kids Folder.

Fastest In-Phone Search

The quickest, most personalized search tool for Android. Enter one letter and get contacts, apps and web results that are relevant just for you. Typing “M” might pull up Mom’s number, or show the Messaging app first - whichever you use most.

Everyday Uses

► In the morning, you’ll automatically get news and weather on your screen.

► In the city, get the nearest restaurants, transportation and shops in your Around Me Folder.

► In the evening, get recipes for dinner and movie apps as you relax at home.


About EverythingMe

EverythingMe is a launcher for Android devices that adds contextual capabilities to mobile phones. It delivers the right apps, contacts and information to the homescreen, exactly at the right place and time. Whatever a person is into, wherever they are, they’ll get personalized suggestions that match their interests and lifestyle. Delivering truly contextual results is a formidable engineering challenge. Our algorithms combine machine learning, statistical modeling, and domain knowledge expertise to identify specific life scenarios. Within these contexts we match users’ needs with specific content on their phones, as well as native and web apps. Founded in 2010 (as DoAT) and based in Israel, the company is backed by world-leading strategic and financial investors including BRM Group, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Horizons Ventures, Telefónica Digital, Singtel Innov8, DFJTF and Mozilla.

Download the EverythingMe Launcher App for Android at Google Play.

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