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How To Use Google Play On Android Tablets

Feb 25, 2014 12:59 PM EST


Using an Android tablet for reading the latest e-books is simple to do. An e-book stores digital data which is in the form similar to an actual book. The Google Play Books app for Android is also used alongside the e-reader. Software is required when using an Android tablet. e-Books are convenient in that titles can be stored digitally.

Using Google Play’s Book application for an Android tablet is meant for users to enjoy a great digital reading experience. Locating the app is one of the initial steps which is simply found on the home screen or on the app home screen. Google Play store also hosts a copy if neither app is found in both locations. The commands may even ask the user to prompt to turn on synchronization, then touch the Turn On Sync button.

Google’s Android app for Google Play is used to keep digital books data organized for reading. There is a library which lists any selected titles. These titles then are put into the users Google Books account. The app also hosts a current page of the e-book that the user was reading last.

To use the library, the user simply has to scroll by swiping the screen left or right. There is a platform for the user to touch the selected book to open. Once this is open, it is available to read. There are other features such as an available offline command on the Android tablet, removing a book from library and Refresh icons to view the book.

An e-book experience for the tablet allows Android users to read text from actual books. Page turning and reading is about the same. The Android apps are used to touch a book in the Google Play Books application library. Any Google Play book that was previously opened will appear on the screen.

Visit and learn more of Google Books for Android devices on the Google Books website.

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